What is Peponina?

Our first stencil trial  (2015)

Let’s start from the name itself. Peponina stands for “peponi” and “ina”. Peponi means heaven/ paradise (a Swahili word) and ina is short from Indonesia.

Peponina appreciates beauty (that’s why we choose ‘paradise’), and starts here in Indonesia. Not it claims Indonesia is the beauty itself nor confining its creativity only with what found in Indonesia. Therefore we plays our imagination to create some unique ethnic organizer mostly from Indonesian traditional fabrics along with the others. We use hand-woven from Yogya, Baduy, Timor, Kalimantan; also experimenting with the UNESCO Heritage: Batik from many regions in Indonesia; and in meantime we also create some other Indonesian ornaments using screenprinting or embroidery techniques. We also love Japanese and Scandinavian Style Embroidery, to mention a few.

Peponina’s main products are organizers for stationeries, gadgets, cosmetics, and every little things you need within reach on its place anytime. We offer you a unique organizing experience. It’s not that hard to be neat and stylish at the same time.

Peponina is not perceived as local ideas of craftsmanship. Idea is global, universal! We view locality as root from where we grow, but skies is the limit.

Peponina celebrates human’s achievement in high craftsmanship worldwide through the ages. It uses most accessible sources and materials, yet exploring endless possibilities on the process and attempting to be environmentally friendly.